ATMAPC Four-Post Screen Printer (new G6 version)

Suitable for precision screen printing on rigid and flexible non-deforming materials such as flat film, sheet, or thin board. Applications include Mylar Overlay, Nameplate, Poster, Sticker, Decal, Sign, Flexible Circuit, and much more.

  • Three-quarter automatic operation with manual substrate loading and registration, sliding table with integrated gripper take-off, adjustable speed automatic conveyor belt, and rear delivery.
  • Ergonomic design optimized for ease of use with open access for accurate substrate registration, efficient off-loading, and easy screen cleaning. All setup controls are within close reach of the operator.
  • Horizontal head lift keeps screen parallel with printing table for even ink flow.
  • Front frame loading Greater control over the screen printing process with an unobstructed view of important printing parameters such as off-contact, peel-off, squeegee / flood settings, ink well area and view of substrate.
  • Semi-automatic for fast setup.


Specification ATMAPC 67 Metric Units ATMAPC 710 Metric Units
Table size (WxD) 800mm x 1040mm 950mm x 1250mm
Pneumatic pins 6 pcs (square shaped) 7 pcs (square shaped)
Vacuum area (WxD) 740mm x 600mm 760mm x 1060mm
Max printing area (WxD) 750mm x 600mm 750mm x 1050mm
Max frame O/D size (WxD) 1100mm x 1100mm 1400mm x 1250mm
Min frame O/D size (WxD) 900mm x 900mm 900 x 900
Screen frame height 26mm to 54mm 26mm to 54mm
Screen fine adjustment X/Y = ±10mm ; Z = ±2mm X/Y = ±10mm ; Z = ±2mm
Peel-off height 25mm 25mm
Peel-off type Preset servo peel-off on touch panel Preset servo peel-off on touch panel
Screen cleaning height 350mm 350mm
Substrate thickness 0 - 30mm ( 3/4 auto : 0 - 4mm) 0 - 30mm ( 3/4 auto : 0 - 4mm)
Working table height 97cm + 3cm 97cm + 3cm
Print head speed 50mm - 1250mm /sec 50mm - 1250mm /sec
Max. capacity (pcs / hour) 850 P/H (3/4 auto : 780 P/H) 850 P/H (3/4 auto : 780 P/H)
Print head skew angle ±50° ±50°
Pneumatic type gripper 4 pcs 4 pcs
Conveyor speed 360mm/sec 360mm/sec
Compressed air source 5 - 7 kgf/cm2 5 - 7 kgf/cm2
Power source 220/380V, 50/60 Hz 220/380V, 50/60 Hz
Machine dimensions (cm) 164cm x 245cm x 145cm 194cm x 275cm x 143cm
Control panel Touch screen control panel Touch screen control panel


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