ATMAX G Series Jumbo Four-Post Screen Printers

Suitable for printing large-format tasks on both rigid and flexible materials.
Applications include Posters, Signs, POP, EL-lamps, Light-box Panels, Vending Machine Panels, Vehicle Wind Shields, etc...
(/G type accepts thin, light-weighted, non-deforming flexible materials only.)


Elegant Design

Innovative precision technology and outstanding high-performance design of fast, reactive electro-mechanical transmission system ensure superior quality work and close tolerance.

Solid Construction

Heavy-duty base frame with balanced footings to stay vibration-free through high speed operation.

Low Setup Time

Screen front insertion and holding / air-locking system for easy setup.

Extreme Accuracy

Machine consists of strong & flat printing table, high-accuracy linear rails, best drive motors and pressure equalized squeegee / flood coater system.

Easy Adjustments

Squeegee/Flood Coater depth, pressure, angle, skew, level, speed and screen movement are micrometer or dial displayed to achieve optimum printing result.

User-Friendly Operation

Control panel with ATMA standard symbolized drawings plus value-added functions to ensure easy operation.


Meets or exceed all European and US safety requirements.

Gripper Take-Off

Models with an optional Gripper Take-off system integrated as 3/4-automatic model(for thin, light-weighted, non-deforming flexible materials only).

Additional Options

Available with Static Eliminator, Dripless Squeegee, Registration Pins and more, as well as UV dryer to work with.



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