ATMATIC 60PD/70PD Automatic Glass Panel Screen Printer

Suitable for high accuracy screen-printing on glass panels.


Specifications ATMATIC 60PD Metric ATMATIC 70PD Metric
Work flow direction from right to left from right to left
Max screen frame O/D size 700mm x 850mm 850mm x 980mm
Max printing area 400mm x 600mm 600mm x 700mm
Min printing area 200mm x 200mm 200mm x 200mm
Printing table height 950mm + 30mm 950mm + 30mm
Shuttle table speed 1500m/sec 1500m/sec
Vacuum area 400mm x 600mm 600mm x 700mm
Vacuum hole size Ø 2.0mm Ø 2.0mm
Screen X/Y fine adjustment ±10mm / ±10mm ±10mm / ±10mm
Substrate thickness 2mm to 20mm 2mm to 20mm
Substrate weight 3kg to 8kg 3kg to 8kg
Screen frame height 26mm to 54mm 26mm to 54mm
Screen at cleaning level 270mm 270mm
Printing speed (digital setting) 125mm to 750mm/sec 125mm to 750mm/sec
Cycle Speed (full speed, full stroke, non-stop) 600 P/H 540 P/H
Electrical power 3-phase, 220V/380V, 50/60Hz 3-phase, 220V/380V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 2.96kw 3.08kw
Compressed air pressure 5-7 kg/cm² 5-7 kg/cm²
Air exhaustion 20.1 L/min 20.5 L/min
Machine dimensions 970mm x 1840mm x 3380mm 1260mm x 1840mm x 3390mm
Machine weight 1100kg 1460kg
Screen at stand-by level 50mm 50mm
Peel-off height 0 to 20mm 0 to 20mm
Printing head bias angle ±8° ±8°


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