ATMAOE 56 / 67 / 710 Optoelectronic High Precision Four-Post Screen Printer

Suitable for High Precision Automatic Screen Printing. Applications include Membrane Switch/Overlays, Electroluminescent Panel, Light Guide Panel, Diffusion Panel, Touch Screen, Flexible Printed Circuit, Ball Grid Array, Flip-Chip Array, Cell Phone Cover Lens, Laptop Display Glass and much more.

  • Semi-automatic operation with sliding table for manual substrate load/unload. See below for options including Gripper Take-Off System, CCD Surveillance System for substrate and/or screen alignment and much more.
  • Ergonomic design optimized for ease of use with open access for accurate substrate registration, efficient off-loading, and easy screen cleaning. All setup controls are within close reach of the operator.

  • Horizontal head lift keeps screen parallel with printing table for even ink flow.
  • Front frame loading for fast setup.


Specification ATMAOE 56 Metric Units ATMAOE 67 Metric Units ATMAOE 710 Metric Units
Table Size (DxW) 680mm x 700mm 800mm x 800mm 950mm x 1250mm
Table Height 970mm+30mm 970mm+30mm 970mm+30mm
Vacuum Area (Standard) 420mm x 500mm 600mm x 660mm 700mm x 800mm
Vacuum Area (Max) 500mm x 600mm 600mm x 740mm 760mm 1060mm
Maximum Print Area (Standard) 420mm x 500mm 600mm x 660mm 700mm x 800mm
Maximum Print Area (Max) 500mm x 600mm 600mm x 750mm 750mm x 1050mm
Minimum Print Area 250mm x 250mm 300mm x 300mm 300mm x 300mm
Table Speed 1000mm/sec 1150mm/sec 1150mm/sec
Screen X/Y Adjustment ±10/±10mm ±10/±10mm ±10/±10mm
Substrate Thickness 0.1mm - 30mm 0.1mm - 30mm 0.1mm - 30mm
Maximum O/D Frame Size 950mm x 950mm 1100mm x 1100mm 1200mm x 1400mm
Minimum O/D Frame Size 800mm x 800mm 900mm x 900mm 1000mm x 1200mm
Screen frame height
(other heights available)
25mm to 45mm 25mm to 45mm 25mm to 45mm
Screen Height at Clean-up Lift Level 285mm 350mm 350mm
Peel-off Stroke 0-20mm 0-25mm 0-30mm
Print Pressure 3 - 62 kg 3 - 62 kg 3 - 62 kg
Squeegee Inclination Angle 20° ±5° 20° ±5° 20° ±5°
Print Head Speed 20mm - 625mm/sec 20mm - 625mm/sec 20mm - 625mm/sec
Printing-head Skew Angle ±5° ±5° ±3°
Maximum Capacity
(P/H non-stop full stroke)
600 570 480
Power Consumption (kW) 2.93 kW 3.25 kW 3.35 kW
Power Source 3-phase, 220/380V, 50/60Hz 3-phase, 220/380V, 50/60Hz 3-phase, 220/380V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 5-7kg/cm² 5-7kg/cm² 5-7kg/cm²
Air Consumption 5 L/cycle 5 L/cycle 5.3 L/cycle
Dimensions (WxDxH) 150cm x 210cm x 145cm 156cm x 240cm x 145cm 200cm x 270cm x 145cm
Weight 1000 kg 1120 kg 1155 kg


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