ATMATIC MF66/R Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer (Rigid)

Precision fully automatic screen printing machine to meet highest demands, with 4-post system, CCD-camera system, movable print table with automatic inlet and outlet take-off device to produce high-quality prints on flat rigid materials such as glass panel, touch panels, LGP panels, PCB/FPC, HDI, and much more.

Mode of operation:
The material is picked up with automatic inlet device and positioned on print table.
After detection by the CCD camera the material is positioned with the highest precision.
The print table moves into the print station, then the print process starts automatically.
The material is removed from print table with an automatic outlet device onto delivery transport conveyor to drying/curing system.
NOTE: Standard workflow is left in and right out.

Innovative Design

Latest G7 version four-post high precision screen printer integrated with lateral sliding table and CCD auto-registering system for precise registration and high productivity.

Solid and Accurate

State of the art structure is solid and light-weight, with top class drives (6 sets of servos plus AC motor) and precise guidance and positioning systems for fast, quiet, and smooth operation.

Fast Setup

Digital control panel can hold 100 presets to greatly reduce setup time and increase production capacity.

Easy Operation

Advanced PLC + IPC integrated control with color touchscreen display provides versatile function settings and instant operation/monitoring.


Automatic error diagnosis system, safety barrier sensors, emergency stop button, warning lamp and more.


Dripless squeegee, customized jig, retractable registration pins, automatic input/output, and more.


Specifications ATMATIC MF66/R Metric
Table size 750mm x 750mm
Vacuum area 600mm x 600mm
Max printing area 600mm x 600mm
Min printing area 300mm x 300mm
Substrate thickness 0.05mm - 6.0mm
CCD Capturing Range (work center) X=132.5mm~305mm, Y=+270mm~305mm
CCD field of view (ring 20mm) 10mm x 8mm
Integrative accuracy 0.01mm
Registering integrative timing < 1sec
Max screen frame O/D size 1100mm x 1100mm
Min screen frame O/D size 900mm x 900mm
Screen frame height 26mm to 54mm
Screen cleaning level 340mm
Table height 920mm+60mm
Productivity 300 P/H
Squeegee pressure 3 - 63 kg
Squeegee inclination angle 20±15°
Print head speed 60mm - 625mm/sec
Printing section skew angle ±2.5°
Power source 3∮, 220V/380V,50/60Hz
Power consumption 4.42kw
Compressed air source 5-7 kg/cm²
Air consumption 3.2 L/cycle
Machine dimension 370cm x 170cm x 180cm
Machine weight 1720 kg


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Kossuth út 157.

Telefon: +36 20 5216940


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