ATMAOE PC66/PC68 Fully Automatic CCD registering PCB Screen Printer

Innovative Design

Automatic feeding with CCD registering - printing - take-off, fully automatic processing, unique design, excellent feature and high precision.

Rigidity & Precision

Advanced structure, rigidity with light weight quality to match up top class transmission (4 servo + 2 tep+ 2 DC brushless + 2 AC gear motor ) and linear guide rail leading system.

Fast Setup

100 groups memory of production condition + operating in coordination with hand wheel to adjust setting substrate size, saves adjustment time to raise productivity.

Convenient Operation

IPC+ colored touch-screen + colored LCD display, digitalized control to provide various function of parameters setting and instantaneous monitoring, convenient operation.

Safety Guard

Equipped with automatic error diagnosis system, safety restoration loop, safety light barrier, emergency stop button, warning lamp and so on human safety thorough protection.


Workflow direction right-in left-out / Ink Shovel/ Dripless dual device / Double peel-off / Table displacement / Screen displacement.


Specification ATMAOE PC66 Metric ATMAOE PC68 Metric
Table adjustment X/Y/θ(mm/°) ±5/±5 ±5/±5
Belt speed (mm/sec), Output digitally settable 50-600 50-600
Belt speed (mm/sec), lnput digitally settable 50-600 50-600
Table repeated position accuracy(mm) 0.005/0.005 0.005/0.005
Print head speed(mm/sec),digitally set 100-735 100-735
Integration time(sec) less than 1 less than 1
Integration accuracy(mm) ±0.02 ±0.02
CCD visual field (mm,ring 20mm) 11.5x8.5 11.5x8.5
CCD capturing range(mm) X:±316 Y:±115-322 X:±380 Y:±130-385
Print Pressure(kg) 3-60 3-60
Min. frame size(Dxw,mm) 900x900 1000x1000
Weight(kgs) 2100 2350
Dimension(WxDxH,mm) 3500x1700x1750 3850x1900x1750
Air consumption(I GI/cycle) 5.25 5.25
Air source(kg/c㎡ PSI) 6-8 6-8
Power consumption(kw) 5 5
Power source 3∮,220V/380V,50/60Hz 3∮,220V/380V,50/60Hz
Capacity(P/H,full speed full stroke) 480 480
Print head skew-angle(°) ±5 ±5
Squeegee inclination angle(°) 20±15 20±15
Screen micro adjustment(X/Y,mm) ±10/±10/±2 ±10/±10/±2
Screen height at cleaning level(mm) 350 350
Table height(mm) 920+50 920+50
Substrate thickness(mm) 0.4-3.2 0.5-3.2
Screen frame height 26mm to 54mm 26mm to 54mm
Max.O/D frame size((DxW,mm) 1100x1100 1250x1250
Working table size(DxW,mm) 850x800 1050x900
Max. print area(DxW,mm) 610x610 760x640


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